Chicopee Woods Stream Bank

Chicopee Woods Stream Bank (Chicopee) is approximately 1,591 acres on the southeastern bank of the Ocmulgee River. It is located contiguous with the Horse Creek Wildlife Management Area to the north, and the Broxton Rocks Preserve to the south.

Bank Map


LocationJeff-Davis County,
GA, Coffee County,
DescriptionIt is located contiguous with the Horse Creek Wildlife Management Area to the north, and the Broxton Rocks Preserve to the south.
Type of Credits availableWetland Mitigation Credits, Stream Mitigation Credits
Federal Credit AvailabilityClick here.
State Credit Availability
Point of ContactMark Morgan

About Chicopee Woods Mitigation Bank

The geology of this region is unique to South Georgia. The Bank lies near a 4- mile long sandstone outcropping of the Altamaha Grit, which is approximately 15,000 square miles of sandstone beneath Georgia’s Coastal Plain. The bank site is comprised of seepage streams, associated hardwood wetland forest floodplain, and forested upland and wetland riparian buffers. The bank offers:

  • Wetland Mitigation Credits
  • Stream Mitigation Credits

Chicopee Woods provides compensatory mitigation for projects with impacts to jurisdictional wetlands, streams or other open waters as per Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE). The types of mitigation relative to Chicopee are as follows:

  • Wetland Enhancement
  • Wetland Preservation
  • Stream Channel Restoration By Structure Removal
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Riparian Restoration
  • Riparian Preservation

The Wetlandsbank Company (TWC), a nationally recognized team, is responsible for the marketing and selling of the credits for Chicopee Woods. As one of the leading mitigation bankers in the country, the TWC team significantly increases the probability of a fast, hassle-free mitigation transfer procedure with less cost and “red tape.” Permit applicants with projects that have wetland or stream impacts have the opportunity to embrace the advantages of purchasing credits from this bank and thereby transferring their project’s mitigation obligations to Chicopee Woods and benefiting by:

  • Providing one fixed predetermined fee with no cost overruns. Prevent tying up assets.
  • Optimizing the full potential of the proposed site. Reducing permitting time.
  • Providing regulatory certainty with no hidden surprises. Streamline the development process.
  • Enhance project value.
  • Work with a team who understands your concerns. Contribute to significant environmental enhancement.