Little Pine Island Mitigation Bank

The site is owned by State of Florida and LPI is a joint venture between the State of Florida and Mariner Properties Development, Inc., of Fort Myers. Situated within the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve, the project was permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on February 6, 1996 and was awarded 807 potential credits.

Bank Map


LocationLee County, Florida
DescriptionA 4,670 acre island in the Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve owned by State of Florida. LPI is one of only two banks in the State of Florida that has both Freshwater and Saltwater credits.
Type of Credits AvailablePotential credit type(s) offered: 'Forested Freshwater', 'Forested Saltwater', 'Herbaceous Freshwater/Brackish' and 'Herbaceous Saltwater'. Credits derived from targets described as freshwater marsh, brackish marsh, saltwater marsh, hydric pine flatwoods, and mangrove swamp. FNAI- Freshwater Marsh, Wet Flatwoods, Salt Marsh, and mangrove Swamp; FLUCCS 641, 625, 642, and 6120. Communities are principally coastal and fire-adapted.
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Point of ContactDesmond Duke

About Little Pine Island Mitigation Bank

The Corps issued a Mitigation Banking Instrument (“MBI”) for the project on January 17, 1997 and was awarded 682 potential credits. 

The land within the bank is generally sloped from approximately 3.0 feet NGVD in the interior of the island (pine flatwoods) down to sea level. There is variation in microtopography throughout the bank and several hills and valleys exist within the bank site, resulting in a variety of native community types, including mesic pine flatwoods, wet flatwoods, freshwater/brackish marsh, salt marsh, and mangroves. Project is currently one phase (initially 7). Credits are derived from removal of invasive exotic vegetation and hydrologic restoration. The mitigation involved backfilling and plugging mosquito ditches, removal of invasive exotic vegetation, and implementation of a long-term management plan.

The project can be used to mitigate for unavoidable wetland impacts in portions of Collier, Lee, Sarasota, and Charlotte County.  LPI is the sole source for saltwater credits in this region. The federal credit map varies slightly with the State map. Please call the point of contact for a precise description of the service areas.